International week

IFSI Le Vinatier would like to welcome you for its first  international week under theme  “Interculturality in Care” from 8th  to 12th  of October 2018. Teachers, trainers and students are invited.

Topics for the workshops may be about :


Elderly care

Mental health

Public health

Palliative care

Medicine or surgery…

The International week is an opportunity to meet colleagues and develop new partnerships.

Registration and abstracts

Deadline for registration : 29th June 2018

Deadline for abstracts : 16th July 2018

We kindly ask you to apply by sending an email to the international relation manager : marie-chantal.durier(at)ch-le-vinatier(dot)fr.

You will find attached the programme of the week and a form for the abstract. Please send the file at the same email address above .

Fees and costs :

There is no fee for participating to the international week. Each participant is responsible for his/her own costs.  If your university has a bilateral agreement with IFSI Le Vinatier, an “Erasmus + mobility” is possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us should have any question.

Looking forward to meeting you in October!

With warm regards.

The International team



Preliminary Programme- International week 8/10 - 12/10/ 2018

Monday 8th    18h00 :   Opening and get-together.
Lyon Guided  tour ( meeting place Bellecour)
Tuesday 9th  8h30 : Opening of the international week9h00 - 10h15 : Presentations- Workshops 10h15 - 10h45 : Coffee break 10h45 - 12h00 : Presentations- Workshops  12h00 - 13h30 : Lunch  13h30 - 14h15 : Presentations- Workshops 14h15 - 15h15 : Coffee break 15h15 - 16h30 : Presentations- Workshops  19h00 International Welcome dinner
Wednesday 10th  9h00 - 10h15 : Presentations- Workshops 10h15 - 10h45 : Coffee break 10h45 - 12h00 : Presentations- Workshops  12h00 -  13h30 : International Forum to present Erasmus internships in your university/college, your city, country… (Teachers and trainers will be offered sandwiches)  14h00 :  Musée Lumière Visit
Thursday 11th  9h00 - 10h15 : Presentations- Workshops 10h15 - 10h45 : Coffee break 10h45 - 12h00 : Presentations- Workshops  12h00 - 13h45 : Lunch  13h45 - 15h00 : Meeting and sharing about nursing programs in Europe.
 16h00   Maison des Canuts Visit Painting wall, «  gros caillou » in La Croix-Rousse
Friday 12th  10h00 : Discover Vinatier hospital : Everyone welcomed  12h00 : Erasmus Day European Lunch with participants and students

A historical tour of Medieval and Renaissance Lyon.

From the church of Saint Paul to that of Saint Georges, Vieux-Lyon extends over 24 hectares along the banks of the Saône. The tour begins with a walk through the narrow cobbled alleyways and famous traboules! These passageways, which lead from one street to the next, reveal superbly renovated architectural treasures: private courtyards, Italian-style galleries, wells, spiral staircases...

Along the way you'll encounter essential monuments such as the Hôtel de Gadagne or La Loge du Change.  

Musée Lumière

For cinema-lovers, this is where it all began. The Cinematograph was born rue du Premier-Film, in the heart of Lyon’s Monplaisir neighbourhood, where only the factory shed “le Hangar” and the majestuous Villa Lumière today remain. The Musée Lumière pays homage to Louis and Auguste Lumière and showcases their finest discoveries in the elegant setting of the family home with its richly crafted ceilings, monumental staircase and winter garden glass roof.

Maison des Canuts

Situated at the heart of the Canuts (silkworkers) district, you are entering a heritage interpretation centre that reveals Lyon’s silk industry great adventure: five centuries of social, architectural and technical progress. First region of France in the textile industry and artistic fabrics competitive cluster, Rhône-Alpes deserves an outstanding position in this prestigious past. The Maison des Canuts is proud to display a city-owned collection and hopes you will enjoy your visit following in the footsteps of the finest gold, silver and silk weavers…

Painting wall and et « Gros Caillou »


First name    
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Date of arrival    
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Erasmus + mobility agreement                 YES                        NO
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Summary (20 lines maximum)                                
Presentation or workshop. Please specify : Special equipment’s needed  (computer,…) : Number maximum of students :
                          Expected time : 1 H 15

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